ELECTRONIC or ELECTROMAGNETIC INTRUSION by TARGETED ASSAULT | Write Bill Save Lives! | World's third largest weapon manufacturer Raytheon Technologies (USA) demonstrates easy-to-carry 'miniature' HIGH POWER MICROWAVE RADIO FREQUENCY RADIATION emitting device and energy beamer in trade shows : Articles* | PORTABLE and LESS-PORTABLE DIRECTED ENERGY BEAM WEAPONS aimed at civilians everyday in the United States of America : Pictures** | BAHMAN ZOHURI in June 2019 on torture via energy-beaming designed to 'repel' : Chapter 7*** | Save Lives Write Bill!

" I strongly suggest that you seek and receive psychological treatment at the nearest hospital ." - Katharine McLellan, Coordinator, First Responder Assistance Team for the Baltimore-Washington Chapter of the Health Physics Society | , in her response of 4 Sep. _______ Attention:  In Maryland USA, Maryland General Assembly | The Maryland State House | Annapolis, Members of the Maryland State Senate, the Maryland House of Delegates and, The JOINT COMMITTEE ON CYBERSECURITY, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, AND BIOTECHNOLOGY [Source] Title: MICROWAVE ATTACKS IN THURMONT I NEED TO GET a protection order that can stop the man and woman who live nearby from assaulting me with intrusive high power microwave radio frequency radiation, but I see no reference to "harmful electronic or electromagnetic devices" in the law for Maryland — I would be more protected, for example, in